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Offer your customers FREE Gas
through our innovative promotional offer!
Who Can Use "Gas Incentives?"
  • If you have a product or service to sell you can use a "Gas Incentive" to increase those sales.
  • If you want new customers, using a "Gas Incentive" will bring them to you.
  • If you want to re-energize your old customers, "Gas Incentives" work.
  • If you have employees you want to reward for whatever reason, a "Gas Incentive" is a great way to do it.
  • With Gas prices continuing to soar, what better way to drive huge traffic to your business or to get more sales than an offer of "FREE Gas"? You'll have customers lining up at your door... when you offer them $100, $250, $300, or $500 in FREE Gas!
How does this work?

What does your customer do once they receive your certificate?
  • They simply enroll in the program via the Internet or by U.S. Mail, and choose which Oil Company they prefer and choose to be loyal to by purchasing $100 or more in Gas each month.
  • They collect $100 in fuel receipts from the chosen Oil Company along with the coupon for that month and mail in to the redemption center.
  • A $20 VISAŽ Gift Card will be sent at the end of the month and they repeat this process each month until they have exhausted all their coupons. A $100 Gasoline Certificate for example last 5 months ($20 x 5 = $100). A $300 Gasoline Certificate last 15 months ($20 x 15 = $300)
  • Within 4-6 weeks the consumer will receive their first $20 VISAŽ Gift card which can be used anywhere VISAŽ is accepted!
  • Only one Gas Certificate can be activated per address in a twelve (12) month period.
  • If the consumer has any questions they can contact customer service by email 24/7 @ Once the consumer registers, our customer service team handles all inquires and answers all questions.
Good at any gas station.
No exclusions!
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